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As ship agent, Rogers Shipping is your best reliable partner in Mauritius. We have been representing the interest of ship owners, managers, operators and charterers worldwide.

Our experience personnel are fully committed to make port calls as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Our office is physically positioned within the same building as the Mauritius Port Authorities ‘operation which helps in promptly meet the need of our principals and adapt to changing conditions.

We as team are focused to ensure that the port visits of vessels are as brief as possible.

Acting as the local representative of the principal, we are well versed of the local knowledge and expertise and ensures that the principal’s requirements are performed with the utmost efficiency and despatch. Accordingly, we are fully conversant with all the appropriate regulations, laws and requirements relating to the port. We have all the relevant contacts that are sufficiently well established and founded to be able to provide the level of service and support the principal needs