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Shipping Incentives

Port Louis offers attractive incentives to vessels calling at Port Louis for the following purposes:

  • Change of crew;
  • Discharging sick, injured or dead seaman;
  • Due to stress of weather;
  • Loading of ship spares and stores;
  • Transit of arms and ammunition/change of security guards for vessel protection;
  • Repairs, hull inspection and/or class survey at outer harbor.

As per the latest budget announcements, the following incentives are in place:

BUNKERING: Please note that vessels calling Port Louis at Anchorage are capped at 35,000 GRT and also there is 75 % rebate on Port Dues for the first 24 hours and thereafter for the next 48 hours 50 %  rebate on Port Dues.
The second advantage is that there is No Draft Restrictions at Anchorage.

HULL CLEANING: Vessels calling Port Louis for Hull Cleaning are EXEMPTED from Anchorage dues as an incentive for using Eco Friendly Equipment. Note that there is one company offering this service using Eco Friendly Equipment.
Also there is no Draft Restrictions  at Anchorage and vessels are capped at 35,000 GRT

CREW CHANGE: Crew change in Mauritius is authorised as from the 15th of July under strict sanitary protocol.
However, Brazil and South Africa are at present on NOTAM LIST and therefore joining crew are not allowed from South Africa and Brazil as per below :

OTHER SERVICES: Vessels calling Port Louis for other services at Anchorage are capped at 35,000 GRT.