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Southern Marine

Southern Marine is a specialized and dedicated shipping agency offering its services to bulk, Pure Car Carrier and casual callers.

Southern Marine provides comprehensive shipping services with a one-stop philosophy to cater for all client needs. Incorporated since 1997, its range of services including general port and shipping agency.

Southern Marine

Southern Marine represents Hoegh Autoliners , the only Pure Car Carrier offering a  monthly and direct service from Europe to Mauritius.

Southern Marine has a thorough experience and expertise for the representation of rigs and drillship providing a complete solution for these specialized vessels.

Southern Marine is the market leader for the representation of dry bulk vessels having a dedicated and experienced staff for the smooth cargo operations and turnaround of vessel, having a track record in this particular segment.

Our Services to Ship/Rig Charterers/Owners include but not limited to:

  • Port Agency Representation.
  • Hull Cleaning and Underwater Inspection.
  • Crew Change and Repatriation.
  • Clearance and Delivery of Ships Spares.
  • Bunkering Services.
  • Attendance to Sick/Injured Crew.
  • Hotel Booking and Accommodation.
  • Ship chandling/Ship stores including Fresh Water.
  • Survey Services.
  • Lashing and Securing of Cargo.
  • Welding including hot work permit.
  • Removal of waste water.
  • Bunkering Services.
  • Anchorage Services.
  • Port Husbandry.